Herman Cain and the Perfect Storm of 2012

In 2012 the world will see a perfect storm. This is one of those few times in history when a year of crisis is predictable. Short-term outlook: big ups and downs. Long-term outlook: much better. Why? 1. The Biggest Presidential Election of the 21st Century: Will America pick socialism or freedom? Uncertainty: max.  Outcomes: huge. 2. Iran gets nukes and missiles.  What will they do with them?  Nobody knows. Uncertainty: max.  Outcomes: huge. Solution: massively accelerate missile defenses. Question: will missile defense be an election issue?  (If not, what are elections for?) 3. Saudis prepare for the end of the oil cartel.  OPEC's demise can be predicted from huge shale discoveries around the world from Poland to Montana.  No oil spigot, no cartel.  If the ecomaniacs manage to hobble U.S. shale development, we'll get it from Poland and Canada.  Not even the most radical ecofanatics can stop this development around the world.  Just...(Read Full Article)