Gov. Perry is On Track to Create a Million Jobs

Republican presidential candidate, Gov. Rick Perry, says his energy plan will "kick start economic growth: and create 1.2 million jobs," and he is correct.  He revealed his "Energizing American Jobs and Security" plan in an October 14 speech at a U.S. Steel plant near Pittsburgh, saying, "We are standing atop the next American economic boom ... energy.... But we can only do that if environmental bureaucrats are told to stand down." He pointed out: America has proven but untapped supplies of natural gas, oil and coal. America is the Saudi Arabia of coal with 25 percent of the world's supply. Our country contains up to 134 billion barrels of oil and nearly 1.2 quadrillion cubic feet of natural gas. Indeed, simply removing the many restrictions that have been placed upon the drilling of oil on public lands and offshore while permitting the drilling of natural gas in our abundant shale deposits would create an economic boom and over a million American jobs. Perry's energy proposal...(Read Full Article)