George Bailey for President

Halloween is nearly here, and the next big holiday is Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas.  But in our house, Christmas season has already begun, and our family can't get enough of it.  We have already begun watching our Christmas DVDs. And since my last viewing of It's A Wonderful Life, I now have a nominee for our next president: George Bailey.  Sure, he is a fictional character, but as a country, we have done worse.  And there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits a fictional character like George Bailey from being president.  Presumably, he is a naturally born U.S. citizen and over 35 years old, so he is good to go.  He's even the brother of a war hero! And in a 9+% unemployed America with a near-zero economic growth rate, George Bailey is just the man we need in the White House.  This is what did it for me: that phone call scene involving George Bailey, his soon-to-be fiancée Mary Hatch, and his rich friend Sam Wainwright. ...(Read Full Article)