Gaddafi: A U.N. Value

Until shortly before Gaddafi crawled out of a drain pipe and met his violent end, he was the darling of the United Nations and the "international community." It is perplexing why a criminal and brutal dictator would garner the accolades of an organization whose charter calls for "reaffirming faith in fundamental human rights ... and living  together in peace with one another as good neighbours[.]" Gaddafi's criminal record was long and sordid.  He sponsored terrorist groups ranging from Baader Meinhof to Abu Nidal and provided compensation to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. His bloody trail was not just of Israelis or Jews, whose deaths rarely warrant international outrage.  He was behind the bombing of a Berlin discothèque, in which two U.S. soldiers were killed and hundreds of others wounded by the nail-packed bomb.  His handprints were also on the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland (270 people were killed). The man Ronald...(Read Full Article)