France 2 TV Markets a 'Palestinian State'

Eleven years after the al Dura hoax -- produced and broadcast by state-owned France 2 TV -- the same outfit treats us to a ludicrously staged Palestinian State promotional film.  Was the 2½ -hour "documentary" aired on October 3 in the geopolitical magazine Un œil sur la planète (an eye on the world), a chef d'oeuvre in the campaign to destroy the Jewish State or a last gasp of shopworn Palestinianism1? Looking at the world through keffieh-colored glasses, MC Etienne Leenhardt disingenuously asks: "Is the creation of a Palestinian state still possible?"  First stop, Ramallah.  Chic, modern, bustling with business and a humming bureaucracy that maintains law and order...everything you need to make a state.  How did Ramallah get so shiny and peaceful?  What keeps it from tumbling into the maw of the Islamists who rule Gaza?  Who is financing its prosperity, and what does the "wall" have to do with it?  Don't ask.  Leenhardt and cohorts know why...(Read Full Article)