Fatal Flaw Means Obama Can Win

In the UK,  candidates for office petition the local headquarters of the handful of political parties to submit their desire to run for office. The party apparatus investigates their background and suitability and approves them as an official candidate before they can run and represent the party in public. There are drawbacks to this system, but the process of party approval of candidates makes UK elections quick and decisive since candidates are not required to run in primaries against members of their own party.    America used to have a similar process when political parties actually had clout. In theory, the party would hammer out a platform and seek candidates to represent the agreed upon issues. The party officials who chose and vetted  the candidates were often referred to as the "back room boys" -- a derisory label but, in retrospect, a more desirable source for picking candidates than we have today. The impact of television gradually blunted the...(Read Full Article)