Europe, Globalization and the Coming Caliphate

Europe, Globalization and the Coming Caliphate By Bat Ye'or Farleigh Dickinson University Press, 2011 224 pp., $24.95 This past week, French President Nicolas Sarkozy proposed an upgrade for the Arab-Palestinians' U.N. status from "nonmember observer" to "nonmember observer state," plus a one-year timetable for establishing a Palestinian state.  In light of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's request for a unilateral declaration of statehood through the United Nations and a likely showdown at the Security Council with the United States promising to veto any Palestinian resolution, Sarkozy's proposal allegedly attempted to lower the "risk of engendering a cycle of violence in the Middle East."  In truth, there has been almost non-stop Islamic terrorism in Israel, a refusal by the Palestinian Authority to recognize the Jewish state and plentiful distribution of maps that turn the entire state of Israel into a state dubbed "Palestine."  Israeli attempts to...(Read Full Article)