Do Dems Dare Dump Barry?

Democrats face an impossible political situation: smile, nod, and re-nominate Obama for a second term in 2012 or begin to maneuver Obama into walking gracefully away, in hopes, perhaps, of finding a chance to run again in the future.  The size of the Democrat Obama collapse is hard to exaggerate.  The twin defeats in New York and Nevada House races were slobberknockers in the political ring.  Wisconsin had a series of elections -- State Supreme Court election and several State Senate recalls -- and Democrats lost in a strongly union state where even labor hacks could not turn out votes in low-turnout elections to match enraged Wisconsin voters. Polls show the same nightmare for Democrats led by Obama.  Rasmussen tracks presidential popularity, but the crucial number is in the strongly disapprove category.  These are voters highly unlikely to change their minds and strongly likely to show up on Election Day.  This number has been hovering for weeks...(Read Full Article)