Defeating Islamism at Home

President Obama keeps saying that we are not at war with Islam.  I will concede that we are not at war with Muslims in general -- but we are certainly at war with Islamists, who pick and choose selectively from the Quran to promote their hideous agenda.  While the Islamists use the parts of their holy book that suits them, we, defenders of liberty, adhere to every word of the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution in the battle against Islamic tyranny Those Muslims who are citizens are entitled to live here and enjoy the beneficence of this great country to the fullest of a citizen's rights.  At the same time, we have every right and even a responsibility to be concerned about the danger of Islamism to our way of life -- a way of free people to live peacefully and respectfully with one another without in any way posing threats to the fundamental ideals that birthed this nation and have sustained it to the present. Muslims are not our enemies.  Islamism...(Read Full Article)