Class Warfare Rhetoric and Reality

Is there class warfare in America today? That is how some Republicans characterized President Obama's latest attempt to raise taxes on whomever he means by "the rich." Many liberals don't think the "class warfare" label is fair. Well, what are we supposed to call it when politicians target a particular group or class of citizens?  How about discrimination?  For decades, Americans from across the political and ideological spectra have worked to expunge discrimination from our laws. We have banned discrimination on the basis of race, gender, or sexual orientation.  Why, then, does the left insist on establishing a distinct category called "the rich," against whom they wish to discriminate by applying our laws unequally?  Is this class discrimination warfare?  No, bullets aren't flying, but, as in a war, the aggressors are trying to break down the defenses and impose their will on their target.  Obama keeps trying to break down the defenses (constitutional,...(Read Full Article)