Christie Too Fat to Be President?

What a relief!  One of the nation's most sanctimonious, overrated, puerile, and irritating political commentators has finally announced his unqualified, immediate, and permanent retirement.  I refer, of course, to that walking embarrassment to the Ivy League, Michael Kinsley. Well, to be a bit more precise, Kinsley didn't explicitly announce his retirement -- rather, he let us know what must be his intentions by authoring a column that he could have written only to prove, in one short piece of prose, his utter lack of qualification to engage in public commentary, written or oral.  He has succeeded. Writing for Bloomberg on September 29, 2011, Kinsley penned a column the thesis of which is that Chris Christie can't be president because "He is just too fat."  OK.  Someone was going to say it, but who would have thought that first out of the gate would be a national columnist with two Harvard degrees, fat-baiting away before the New Jersey governor even got in...(Read Full Article)