Can Israel Survive?

There's a great deal of speculation these days on Israel's dire situation, most notably from renowned author and scholar Victor Davis Hanson in the National Review, who prefaces it with a remark that the country has never been in more danger. The Islamist regimes in Egypt and elsewhere brought on by the Arab Spring and their growing hostility to Israel, the genocidal influence of Iran and its missile-armed proxies Hamas and Hezb'allah, Erdoğan's Islamist Turkey, the huge influence of Arab petro-dollars, and the indifference and growing anti-Semitism in much of Europe and the exhaustion and debt of the United States are frequently cited. It's a gloomy picture, and none of it is to be trivialized.  But I think dire predictions of Israel's demise are premature, to say the least. It's worth remembering that Israel has faced far worse and survived.  In 1948, the British left Palestine, but not before confiscating as many arms in the hands of Jews as they could find and...(Read Full Article)