Cain is the Real Thing

Al Sharpton said the other day that Herman Cain is not a real African-American, a little slander that the nasty left took up with its usual sadistic glee.  But Herman Cain is one of the few real African-Americans in politics today.  Cain has his roots in the core American and African-American experience over the centuries.  Cain is real. Obama has no roots.  He can't be blamed for the fact that he's a Hawaiian-Indonesian-Kenyan-college campus blend.  Obama has rarely (if ever) even lived in a black neighborhood.  The white half of his family comes from Kansas and the black half comes straight from Kenya.  Obama's only consistency in life has been the radical left, which is where his real loyalties seem to lie.  Herman Cain has real roots, not ghostwritten, made-up, far-left fantasies. There's a reason why Obama called his autobiography Dreams from My Father.  In his adult life Obama never met his Kenyan father; Obama Sr. is a pure fantasy...(Read Full Article)