Bored Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue

In his book God Knows,  Joseph Heller perfectly described the manipulative, power hungry bored first lady.  Bathsheba, in his telling, is a constant meddler, jockeying for power and, desperate to have her son, Solomon, made David's successor to the throne.  She spends her free time in creative activities like inventing pantaloons because she is way too narcissistic to play second fiddle even to the king. We should be so lucky. The last two Democrat First Ladies cost us a bundle in their effort to be co-Presidents.  Hillary ("two for the price of one"), with hair styles changing weekly, mucked about for ages with a large, costly cadre of her own staff in the West Wing and a wonkish task force jerry rigging what they imagined would be a more perfect health system, only to learn we hated it and it had no chance at passage. Michelle Obama has followed suit telling us what to eat, that community service work is good and income generating occupations bad, and how to...(Read Full Article)