Arrogant White Liberal Tells Herman Cain How to Be Black

This article is for my black brother, a community leader and little-league football coach who gets his news solely from the liberal mainstream media.  Hopefully it will help him to understand why I, his big brother, am working with those white Tea Party people against his beloved black president. This article is also for my black relatives who gave me a chilly reception at my grandmother's 100th birthday party.  I learned through the family grapevine they resent my involvement in the Tea Party and consider me an embarrassment to the family. Well, I say to my embarrassed relatives, blame my instincts on the mentoring and leadership of my dad.  My dad has been a Christian man of character and honor all of my life.  So when I see a characterless liberal political hack occupying my beloved country's Oval Office, I refuse to join the flock of black sheep worshiping him because we share the same skin color. To my relatives who have thrown their Christian values,...(Read Full Article)