'Arab Spring' Part of Iranian Plot to Dominate

For the first time, an official entity of Iran's Islamic government has detailed the horrific goal of the regime: destroy America and Israel as part of the Muslim "awakening" sweeping Africa and the Middle East. That "awakening," which the West has labeled the "Arab Spring," is all part of Iran's messianic complex in which it sees itself as the spearhead of a worldwide revolution in which the Shiite version of Islam will dominate humanity. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards' auxiliary, the feared and infamous Basij militia, issued a statement last week in which it said Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has been divinely chosen to impose Islam on all parts of the world.  The statement was responding to last Friday's invasion of the Israeli embassy in Cairo, which it called a "nest of spies."  The Basij, under the direct supervision of Khamenei, called the embassy invaders "justice-seeking Muslims who have battled Egyptian tyranny." In its statement, the Basij...(Read Full Article)