An Israeli View on the Occupy Wall St. Protest

I live in Israel, but I am also American.  And in America's "Occupy Wall Street" protests I see a lot of similarities to the recent "social justice" demonstrations that dominated headlines in Israel this summer.  For instance, both movements seem to lack a clear set of reasonable demands, which greatly frustrated me because I felt the opportunity for real progress had, in both cases, been squandered by those pushing petty political agendas. I am a moderate-to-low-paid worker with a boss who lives in the local equivalent of a mansion and takes six-week vacations every year to exotic destinations, all while my fellow employees and I scrape to get by.  So I could have easily fit in with those marching through Tel Aviv every weekend back in July and August, or with those currently squatting on Wall Street.  But I remained sober enough to recognize that the wild calls to impose greater taxes on...(Read Full Article)