Advice for the Occupiers from a Tea Partier

Hello, fellow protesters -- I'd like to offer some advice, in the spirit of camaraderie for your ongoing demonstrations.  You've been doing things in protests we Tea Partiers never did and you're having experiences I am unfamiliar with.  I think perhaps I can offer some advice to stop these events from occurring.  I see you've been having some trouble with the cops telling you to break it up and go home and then, when you don't, they shoot tear gas into the crowd and swarm in and bust skulls.   We never had that at the Tea Party protests even though at some Tea Party events, some folks showed up packing heat, which you would think is more than reason enough for cops to come in and shut it down.  They never did, though, and there are probably several things we did that you haven't been successful at implementing.  What follows are some things we did that assured a tear gas- and baton-free event, and I offer them up simply as friendly advice. 1) Get...(Read Full Article)