A Debate on Steve Jobs

Nothing is as good as it used to be, it seems, including the quality of our geniuses.  In the aftermath of the unfortunate passing of Steve Jobs, the requisite praise came pouring in from all corners -- he was Thomas Edison reincarnate, a world-changing genius of titanic proportions.  Walter Issacson's biography goes on sale today, and it is being closely perused for general and political wisdom.  Nonsense.  It is only by comparison to other luminaries of today that Jobs has appeared to be such a Goliath.  By historical standards, Steve Jobs is a poor excuse for a genius. This is not to take away from his considerable entrepreneurial accomplishments and marketing innovations -- certainly, Jobs can be counted among the greatest CEOs of the post-War era.  And before the legions of Apple fans get ready to flog me with their wrath, let me say -- I am a fan.  A Mac was my first computer, as have been all my subsequent computers.  I'm...(Read Full Article)