A Cain Presidency: Creative Destruction Loosed

What was it that the prophet Jeremiah said about his mission, or was said about it in the bible?  Jeremiah was sent among his people to confront falsehoods; he came to challenge the corrupt powers-that-be.  Jeremiah came first to "root up, and to pull down" before building and planting. So might be Herman Cain's role among the nation's African-American communities, should he secure the GOP presidential nomination and win the presidency.  President Herman Cain could prove to be a terrifically creative destructive force among the nation's 38 million African-Americans. A Cain presidency would be an incalculable danger to the interests of a fraud-ridden black and white power structure that has long promoted falsehoods -- falsehoods that have kept too many African-Americans in generational poverty, relegating them to drug-infested, crime-ridden inner-city neighborhoods and public schools that are no better than human warehouses -- if that.  Not that Cain is thinking of...(Read Full Article)