Why Liberals Love Compromise

Cheered on by the media, the left demands that politicians in Washington and everyone else "compromise" for the good of the Republic.  But compromise is the problem, not the solution. Since the 1960s, the political game has been set up as an inevitable march toward liberal utopia.  Gender equality, homosexual liberation, equal economic outcomes, world peace, and universal health insurance (unless Grandma is too old).  If only the left got us lower cable bills, we might really be interested.  Much of this leftist push has been achieved outside the electoral process through PC thought on university campuses, media saturation, and head-scratching Supreme Court decisions like Roe v. Wade. But to get to leftist Oz, the political conflict must be framed on a straight line between the status quo and the liberal utopian destination.  Of course, the status quo is not conservatism, but somewhere between center-right and center-left, depending on the cultural energy at...(Read Full Article)