Who's afraid of the Iranian opposition?

The West has spent more than thirty years looking for incentives for compromise with the Islamist regime in Iran.  After the takeover of the alleged reformer Khatami in 1997, things looked brighter than ever before.  In what U.S. diplomat Martin Indyk described as a "goodwill gesture," the Clinton administration put the Iranian opposition group the Mullahs fear most -- the "Peoples Mujahedin Organization of Iran" (MEK) -- on their list of "Foreign Terrorist Organizations." The European Union followed suit with a similar decision in 2001, but had to remove the MEK of their list of terrorist organizations in 2009.  The many accusations that have been brought forward against the MEK could not bear examination.  Several verdicts of the British and the European Courts of Justice considered the listing as a violation of the rule of law. Only the U.S. government keeps the MEK on its terrorist list, despite the obvious failure of the engagement policy with the Iranian...(Read Full Article)