When Al Jazeera Comes to Town

A reporter from Al Jazeera named Gabriel Elizondo wanted to watch a high school football game in Texas, which, as he seems fully aware, is as unique an experience as viewing a bullfight in Madrid.  For pure aficionados of the sport, it just doesn't get much better.  But he seems not nearly as interested in the prospect of watching the game as he is in the cultural significance of the event: hot dogs, cokes, marching bands, the locals, framed by the panoramic Texas landscape.  And what would such a night be without "slipping in a little 9/11" talk to an emotionally charged crowd of rural Americans on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy? So Elizondo asked to speak with the principal, who apparently was all smiles until she was handed a business card that revealed his employer, Al Jazeera.  This unsettled her, and she immediately inquired as to what "spin" Elizondo expected to apply to any coverage he got that evening.  He...(Read Full Article)