What Third Rail?

Nancy Pelosi has three words for the Democrats' campaign in 2012: Medicare, Medicare, Medicare.  We've already seen a sneak preview of this strategy in the delicately crafted YouTube video of Rep. Ryan trundling grannie off a cliff.  Republicans are supposed to be cowering in fear. If Social Security is the "third rail" of American politics, Medicare is the "overhead wire."  Third rails are normally energized at about 700 volts, whereas the overhead wires for President Obama's very fast trains usually come in at 25,000 volts. Yet last week Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry in his first debate outing doubled down on Social Security as a "Ponzi scheme," inviting a street fight on the issue.  Does Perry know something we don't? Obviously Perry and his already notorious consultant, Dave Carney, figure that the game has changed.  Are they right?  If they are, it means that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are making a grand strategic error. Back in...(Read Full Article)