What Darwin Said About God

No figure in modern history has received as much religiously based criticism as Charles Darwin.  He is seen as worse than an atheist; his work has been attacked as a threat to the belief that the universe and mankind are God's creations. Charles Darwin was not the first person to write about evolution.  In his book Origin of Species he gives credit to 24 naturalists[i] who discussed the idea before he did.  Since Darwin did the most work to research and promulgate the topic, the concept of evolution has been identified with him. Many who are angrily anti-Darwin have not read the Origin or examined Darwin's personal life.  At Cambridge University he studied to be a minister.  However, he felt that science should be objective in nature, and was careful to keep any reference to God or a creator out of his work, particularly in his two major works On the Origin of Species and The Descent of Man.  For example, he states in the Origin, "They [creationists]...(Read Full Article)