Underwhelmed by Huntsman

Anyone who caught a glimpse of Jon Huntsman's underwhelming performance during the Iowa debate recognizes that Obama's former ambassador to China doesn't even qualify as an empty suit.  Heir to a fabulous fortune, Huntsman has had the luxury of what amounts to an extended adolescence, spending his formative years in college with a stint of missionary work in Taiwan thrown in to fulfill the obligation to his Mormon orthodoxy. Huntsman's resume is a testament to the man's political ambition.  While his job experience looks good on paper (he worked in the administration of 4 different presidents), the jobs he held appear to be the kind of job generated in return for political patronage.  He was a White House staff assistant to Reagan, ambassador to Singapore under the elder Bush, and U.S trade representative under George W. Bush, before crossing the political aisle to serve as Obama's ambassador to China.  These jobs are often awarded to big-time political donors...(Read Full Article)