The Real Identity Thieves

I generally think of myself as human.  After that, I think of myself as an American.  When pushed to describe myself, I declare that I'm black.  I am not about identity politics, but I am happily black. Despite what liberals may say about me, I can't imagine, nor have I ever imagined, being anything other than black.  I have imagined myself in other ways, like taller, thinner, more muscular, better hair (during my hair days, of course), and so on.  But I never wanted to be anything other than black.  To change that would be to change me. I grew up in the country on a big cattle ranch -- not the best place to learn how to be black, even though black people were among the first cowboys.  Despite that great heritage, by the standards of the day, I was at a huge disadvantage.  I did note that other blacks seemed to be "more black" than I, but it wasn't their color I'm talking about; it was their attitude. You learned to be black in the city, not the...(Read Full Article)