The Professional Poor

With class warfare on the march, it's important to understand the difference between the "genuine poor" in America and the "professional poor." The genuine poor are people who, through debilitating circumstances great or small, have become incapable of sustaining a work life, and sometimes even a home life.  Because of mental illness, physical disability, and other unfortunate and unfair acts of man and nature, there are people in our country who genuinely need the help, to varying degrees, of others.  These folks are truly helpless and need assistance from the government and/or through involvement by charitable organizations. Most everyone I know is concerned about the genuine poor.  These people help with money, when appropriate, and in the form of one-on-one volunteer hours at effective charities.  As Dennis Miller has said, "I'm willing to help the helpless, not the clueless." Then there are the professional poor: people paid to remain in the situation...(Read Full Article)