The Problem with Paul

As Social Security is considered the third rail of national politics, Ron Paul is the third rail of the Republican Party.  Paul's detractors are vehement in dismissing the Texas representative as the party's loose nut.  Contrarily, Paul's supporters are dedicated to crowning him the savior of the GOP and the United States overall. If Paul is as inconsequential as his detractors claim, they needn't work so hard to dismiss him; he'll render himself irrelevant.  But the GOP hierarchy cringes when Paul speaks because he's correct on so many issues.  Audit the Fed?  Ron Paul has a calculator.  Worried about federally controlled health care delivery?  Dr. Paul supports free-market solutions to rising health care costs.  Tired of burdensome regulations and Washington's shredding of our Constitution?  Paul promotes personal liberty and states' rights, viewing bureaucracy like a drunk at a Baptist picnic.  His position on limited government...(Read Full Article)