The President You Can't Avoid

Obama is everywhere.  Turn on a TV at almost any hour and surf the channels.  How many clicks of the remote will it take before you see and hear Barack Obama?  How many days go by without a sound-bite or two from him? The answer is "Not many."  Whether visually, aurally, or both, the living presence of Obama is practically unavoidable.  We see and hear more of Obama than we saw and heard of any of his predecessors during their terms of office.  In part, that is because of the internet-driven profusion of communications media.  But it is also because, simply, Obama wants to be heard, about practically everything. That can't be good.  Even if you like Obama and his agenda, it can't help him to be heard from so often.  Poll after poll registers the public's disgust with politics and politicians of all stripes, and a big piece of that disgust is attributable to the sheer ubiquity of politicians, of whom the president is always the most...(Read Full Article)