The New Deniers

A characteristic of newspaper editorials advocating more attention to catastrophic global warming is that they rarely offer any evidence in support of the cause.  Rather, they advise, in effect, that the "consensus of scientists" ought to be enough to impress us that the sky is indeed falling, and that those who don't recognize the impending disaster simply have their heads buried. The recent publication of a report by the National Research Council (NRC) of the National Academy of Sciences prompted a number of editorial pieces that repeated this "consensus of scientists" argument.  Typically, the pieces presented or summarized no data in support of the catastrophic predictions, nor did they even acknowledge alternative explanations for whatever warming the earth may be experiencing. The NRC report, titled "America's Climate Choices," is available online and can be downloaded for a more careful examination.  It seems, however, that the report was not read by any of the...(Read Full Article)