The Democrats' 2012 Victory Plan

The Democrats have a plan.  A plan to defeat the Republicans in 2012.  Impossible, you say?  Well, read on, because I not only think it is possible.  I think it can work. Let me start with a poll.  About 67% of Americans say drug prohibition is a failure.  Relative to cannabis, American opinion is divided along these lines. The groups that are the most supportive of making cannabis legal in the U.S. are Democrats (63%), Independents (61%), Men (57%) and respondents aged 35-to-54 (57%). That is going to hurt a lot because men tend to favor the Republican Party and women like Democrats.  If the Democrats come out against drug prohibition, it will seriously weaken Republican prospects. It can't happen, you say?  Don't be so sure.  Things could change very radically when Ken Burns' movie about alcohol prohibition premieres on PBS this October 2nd .  That will bring the subject of drug prohibition into the national dialogue.  But that...(Read Full Article)