The Democrat Handbook: Playing Like It's 1936 All Over Again

It is now clear (as if there was ever any doubt) that the Democrats will be reverting to their traditional narrative for the 2012 elections.  President Obama's tax-the-rich fiscal proposal and Democrats' congressional district by-election campaigns this year show that the Dems will be relying on class-warfare demagoguery.  However, we're at a point in history where the Democrats actually have good reason to go to their good old class warfare demagoguery playbook. The last time a Democrat president won reelection with unemployment as bad as predicted for 2012 was in 1936.  With the New Deal having failed to solve the Depression, Franklin Roosevelt resorted to a virulent anti-business campaign, denouncing "economic royalists" as responsible for the Depression's persistence.  In 1936, the strategy was spectacularly successful.  Roosevelt won by a large margin over Republican Alfred Landon, the Democrats made large gains in Congress, and Democrats have been...(Read Full Article)