The Coming Chaos

America is about to be destroyed by debt.  And we're acting like it's business as usual. In the push to resolve America's impending debt crisis, much has been done to ensure politically favorable positions for those engaged in the debt talks, and the possibility of a default has been addressed in largely academic terms, with complete disregard for the gruesome realities a default implies.  Our leaders are living in a fantasy world, indulging in partisan gamesmanship, concerned only about their reelections.  The time has come for our leaders to be Americans first, and do what needs to be done to save us from collapse. Default has been discussed as a valid option, even by some at American Thinker.  But its effects will be cataclysmic.  Default must not be viewed in either political or strategic terms.  Default spells one word for America: death, and death not only to the pocketbooks of the consistently demonized richest one percent (coincidentally also the...(Read Full Article)