The Black Friday Effect

Their eyes flashed with mindless rage under the glow of fluorescent lights as a store full of bargains on clothing and electronics lay before them.  Not content to wait until the opening of Walmart at 5 AM, the mob stormed the front doors, trampling store employees, as the locked doors buckled against the surge of people.  In the aftermath, a pregnant woman was hospitalized, and a man was killed.  This was the scene in Valley Stream, New York on the morning following Thanksgiving 2008. If people could react this way to Black Friday sales, what awaits us at the hour of our economic reckoning?  With no intention in Washington of curbing deficit spending, the path has been paved for taxation and inflation.  A real national dialogue is needed to avert reliving the ongoing calamities of the European Union and the Icarian arrogance of its cradle-to-grave social policy. If our politicians were honest with us, the discussions in town halls would focus on preserving...(Read Full Article)