Techniques for Untruth

As the 2012 election season lurches into full activity and the presidential darling of 2008 looks increasingly beatable, members of the Obama campaign team, also known as the mainstream press, realize there's much work to do keeping their man in the White House. Two recent NPR stories display some techniques available to journalist-activists, allowing them to misrepresent truth while at the same time maintaining an appearance of objectivity.  One of these stories, ironically enough, presented itself as a fact check of the recent Republican presidential candidate debate; the other dealt with conservative critiques of government funding for birth control services. Take a look at the techniques illustrated below.  My guess is we'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming months. Technique 1: Don't bother to place matters into any meaningful context. In the course of the so-called fact check, the journalists dug into the charge and counter-charge between Mitt Romney and Rick Perry...(Read Full Article)