Supply-Side Snookinomics

It's almost an article of faith on the left that lowering taxes on corporations and job-creators would have no effect on job-creation (see also here, here, and here) . Conservatives believe that lowering taxes on corporations will have the effect of stimulating job growth and creating economic prosperity.  This is reflected in conservative support for supply-side economics.   Just when this difference in beliefs seemed certain to derail any attempts between the parties to reach a compromise, a real-world phenomenon has been identified that suddenly shows promise in helping liberals understand the effect that taxation has on job-creation.  I call this new economic principle "Supply-Side Snookinomics." Snookinomics gets its name from "Snooki," the nickname for a character on the MTV reality show Jersey Shore.  Last Monday, the show lost its $420,000 film tax credit when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blocked it, citing the show's negative portrayal of the state...(Read Full Article)