Stop Calling the Tea Party Extreme. It Isn't.

The left-leaning mainstream media and liberal Democratic politicians continue to refer to the Tea Party as extreme, wacko, and out of touch with the American public.  Clear evidence indicates exactly the opposite. Many of us are getting increasingly annoyed when we hear the Tea Party called extreme, right-wing wackos, or other unbecoming names along that vein.  Of course, almost everyone I know decidedly left of center deems him- or herself centrist.  My knee-jerk liberal neighbor thinks he's a centrist.  I have gone back through every posting on his blog, and they are all as far left on whatever subject he is writing about as one can be. But then, he also thinks Obama is a centrist, as do large segments of the MSM, Hollywood, and other liberal groups.  Universal health care, unconditional amnesty for everyone, taxing enough life out of our valuable corporations to drive them to other countries (good riddance!  I mean, who wanted those high-paying jobs...(Read Full Article)