Seniors Can Handle the Truth

When it comes to Social Security, Republicans should stop treating seniors like the feeble-minded demographic portrayed in commercials written by 13-year-olds on Madison Avenue. It's like the home security commercial targeting seniors for a medical alert pendant to be worn around the neck.  White-haired "Mom" didn't want one because "it was for "some old person." But daughter, seen patting Mom's hand, "talked Mom into it."  Next we see "Mom" carrying a basket of laundry down a flight of uncarpeted stairs without holding the handrail.  Sure enough, Mom's lying at the bottom of the staircase pressing her alert button because she's fallen, broken her hip and can't get up because "the pain was terrible."  "Mom" and daughter are so glad that she was wearing her alert and could summon help. You expect to see a disclaimer at the end: "Don't try this at home. These are actors who are paid to behave stupidly. You could hurt yourself." Madison Avenue convinced the marketing...(Read Full Article)