Science for Stupid Idiots

You might be a stupid idiot, like me.  At least I must be a stupid idiot, since I'm called that quite often.  You see, I have doubts about some things.  Things like catastrophic, man-caused global warming; neo-darwinistic explanations of evolution; the safety and efficacy of at least some mandatory vaccines; etc. I'm not always called an "idiot."  On global warming, I'm a "denier."  On evolution, I'm a "creationist."  On vaccines, I'm an "anti-vaccine nut."  But you get the idea.  I'm not rational and fact-based, like they are. Here's my thinking on a vaccine, before injecting one of my kids with one: what are the chances of harmful effects without the vaccine, and with the vaccine?  I want two numbers.  My nutty logic is that I want to minimize the chances of harmful effects on my child.  To calculate that for a particular vaccine, I need those two numbers.  An emotionless robot or computer would need those two numbers. Yet...(Read Full Article)