Ron Paul's Poisonous Partisans

Some of Ron Paul's most avid (some say "rabid") supporters are not friends of America.  The Marxist group "Code Pink" are frequent and vociferous supporters of the good congressman, as are "Iraq Veterans against the War," a Soros-funded group that is sometimes violently opposed to any American intervention overseas, no matter how justified it may be. Code Pink, headed up by Medea Benjamin, shows up at any anti-American gathering that happens to have media (no pun intended) coverage scheduled.  That organization is frequently joined by IVAW in its pursuit of America-bashing. Now, Rep. Paul cannot be held totally responsible for who attends his rallies and who organizes his Iowa Straw Poll effort, but the public should not be kept in the dark about who it is that has become so close to the congressman. I first met one of the most visible of the Code Pink/IVAW crowd about three years when Gathering of Eagles, a pro-troop organization I nominally chair, organized a...(Read Full Article)