Ron Paul and 'the Troops'

While driving through Nebraska on the way home to Los Angeles, I was out of music.  I had listened to all the CDs I had.  FM was a desert.  I switched to AM radio and since it was a Saturday, the only talk show I could get was a reprise of Sean Hannity's best moments for the week. Speaking with a Ron Paul supporter who had called in, Hannity dismissed Paul's candidacy largely because of what he perceived as Paul's disregard for the military.  It seems that mainstream Republicans cannot tolerate Ron Paul's complaints against the military-industrial complex and invective against American imperialism.  Supposedly any such talk is an affront to "the troops."  I get the sense that Paul's views on defense were probably the central cause of the media embargo against him, which caused his second-place finish in Ames, Iowa to be mostly ignored. Yet Hannity ought to spend more time talking to the soldiers whom I know, those who have served with me in the humble...(Read Full Article)