Rick Perry and the Wingnuts for Jesus

Rick Perry came to Liberty University (also known as Christian Wingnut Central) in Virginia just this past week and, despite the fears of the Washington Post and others of the mainstream media resentfully tagging along, the republic still stands.  Perry talked God to 10,000 weirdly normal university students -- no sex, drugs, or spittle in evidence -- and the only sign of apocalypse came from the press covering the event, their heads revolving Linda Blair-like as they listened to Perry and Liberty speakers serially thanking and praising God. God, can you believe it?  And Rick Perry!  And praise for Israel!  The trifecta of New York Times nightmares -- can it get any worse for journalists?  But it did.  The leading Republican candidate for president appeared at the center of an arena jammed with well-behaved, cheering college students and staff, all of whom dared to openly be...Christian!  This stands in marked contrast to, say, a parallel University...(Read Full Article)