Predicting Obama

It doesn't pay to be too exact with predictions. Nostradamus could have told you this -- all six of him, one after the other. The predictions of the Nostradami were set in the form of quatrains so ambiguous as to mean anything. The most famous is the one supposedly referring to the rise of Hitler. It's spelled "Hister," which happens to be an old name for the Danube, and really does read as if something is going on involving a river.  But that matters not at all.  It's close enough, so it "proves" that Nostradamus foresaw Hitler four centuries previously.  If you set it down artfully enough, you just can't lose. I wish I'd remembered that back in 2008. In late August, I was bold enough, thanks to the fact that McCain had surpassed Obama in virtually all the polls (something that Mac haters tend to forget) to predict that he'd take the election. But events intervened in the form of the financial collapse (triggered in large part by Charles Schumer, another little item...(Read Full Article)