Please, Mr. Netanyahu, Don't Make Trouble!

I used to hang out with the kids in Young Judea -- a Jewish youth group -- when I was growing up on Long Island. I was welcomed as a non-Jew. I remember the endless Jewish jokes. They all had a serious point. Two men in Tsarist Russia were being led out to a firing squad: one, a humble tailor, the other a wild anarchist. As the Tsarist officer in charge of the firing squad tried to put a blindfold on the condemned anarchist, the young militant recoiled. He would face death unblinkingly, he said bravely. Alarmed, his fellow Jew interceded: "Please, don't make trouble!" President Obama's top political aides are racing to shore up hemorrhaging support in the Jewish community. Mr. Obama won the votes of 78% of American Jews in 2008. But a heavily Jewish congressional district in New York just sent a conservative pro-life, pro-marriage Republican to Congress. So, the New York Times gives us this report, in which Obama's political operatives urge the Jewish community: please, don't make...(Read Full Article)