Please, Mr. Netanyahu, Don't Make Trouble!

I used to hang out with the kids in Young Judea -- a Jewish youth group -- when I was growing up on Long Island. I was welcomed as a non-Jew. I remember the endless Jewish jokes. They all had a serious point. Two men in Tsarist Russia were being led out to a firing squad: one, a humble tailor, the other a wild anarchist. As the Tsarist officer in charge of the firing squad tried to put a blindfold on the condemned anarchist, the young militant recoiled. He would face death unblinkingly, he said bravely. Alarmed, his fellow Jew interceded: "Please, don't make trouble!"

President Obama's top political aides are racing to shore up hemorrhaging support in the Jewish community. Mr. Obama won the votes of 78% of American Jews in 2008. But a heavily Jewish congressional district in New York just sent a conservative pro-life, pro-marriage Republican to Congress. So, the New York Times gives us this report, in which Obama's political operatives urge the Jewish community: please, don't make trouble:

And the White House is drawing attention to recent expressions of gratitude from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis after Mr. Obama intervened last Friday to help prevent violence after a mob attacked the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, threatening the Israeli diplomats inside.

Gratitude for what? For President Obama's intervening with the Egyptian interim government. It was to prevent the lynching all the Jews in the Israeli Embassy.

For thirty years, Hosni Mubarak was not good for much besides crowd control. You could buy the Tsarist era anti-Semitic forgery "Profiles of the Elders of Zion" in any bus or train station. But at least then there were annual meetings with Israelis, there were high-level contacts. Mubarak sealed his border with Gaza so that the terrorists of Hamas could not be supplied by their Muslim Brotherhood sponsors in Egypt. Mubarak was a dictator, but he kept a Cold Peace with Israel for thirty years. No more.

President Obama welcomed the uprising of the "Arab street," first in Tunisia, then in Egypt, now in Libya. He not-so-gently shoved Mubarak out of office. He hailed the uprising as the "Arab Spring." It's a flowering of democracy and human rights in the Middle East, he said. 

And the Israelis get to thank Mr. Obama that they are not lynched.

Now, the policy of the Obama administration is to recognize a new state for Palestinians on the West Bank of the Jordan River and in Gaza.   Sec. of State Hillary Clinton agrees that these two separate regions must be linked by a land corridor. Right through the heart of Israel. This makes the Israelis queasy.

Please, Mr. Netanyahu, don't make trouble. Instead of that nasty blindfold, take this nice, moist, warm towel for your eyes.

When the UN General Assembly votes later this month on whether to create a new state on the West Bank and in Gaza, they will only be doing what official Obama policy says they have a right to do. But not yet.

We're being warned by Hanan Ashrawi, the PLO's official yenta. No woman speaks with authority in any Arab land. No Christians, if they're smart, speak at all. So Hanan Ashrawi, allegedly Christian, is there only to lecture credulous Christians in the West. This is what she told Public Radio International []:

"We're telling the Americans, the best thing for you to do, at least if you don't want to vote with us, if you don't want to be seen as on the wrong side of the law, isolated with Israel, blocking the rights of one nation, we're trying to convince them to abstain."

This we get from the PLO that we are paying $450 million this year to work toward the Mideast peace process. Whenever I hear "Mideast peace process" or "Arab spring," I think of what Gandhi told reporter who asked him what he thought of Western Civilization: "I think it would be a good idea."

Why should there be a "two-state" solution in the Mideast. Are there any states there now? Israel is a state. An Arab diplomat once said his own Egypt is the only nation over there; "the rest are tribes with flags." The Palestinian rulers certainly don't want two states. Their maps show no Israel at all.

If the Obama administration says there should be a two-state solution, how after twenty years can we stop the UN General Assembly from recognizing Palestine? Will the Obama people storm the ramparts of Turtle Bay with a flag that says "OK, but not yet."?

A Palestinian state will be a new base for terrorists. That's all the PLO ever was or ever will be. We need a new Terroristan like we need a loch im kopf (Yiddish for a hole in the head.) It's time to "re-set" the entire Obama Mideast policy.

Robert Morrison served in the Reagan administration and is currently a Senior Fellow at Family Research Council in Washington, D.C.

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