Perry's Reagan Moment

Rick Perry is taking on big issues with no sense of fear.  In the Florida Republican debate, Perry did little to soften his attack on the Social Security System as a "Ponzi Scheme."  Someday, perhaps, Perry's insistence on using tough language when talking about Social Security will be seen as a defining moment in American political history. None of the other Republicans has openly agreed with Perry's name for Social Security, and even stout conservatives like Herman Cain, in the South Carolina debate, urged conservatives not to get bogged down in rhetoric.  Cain is dead wrong.  A serious rhetorical attack on Social Security must be made.  Frontal rhetorical attack on dangerous leftist nonsense is the key to conservative victory.  In March 1983, President Reagan addressed the National Association of Evangelicals.  In that speech Regan ignored the counsel of advisers and said that the Soviet Union had "the aggressive impulses of an evil...(Read Full Article)