Perry Declares Sky Is Blue, Media Shocked

We can say one thing of the new GOP front-runner: Governor Rick Perry knows how to fire up a crowd.  The leftist media blew up this week when Perry reiterated a point from his book Fed Up! that Social Security and Medicare are Ponzi schemes. "There is nothing at all about Social Security that is anything like a Ponzi scheme," declares the Washington Post's Plum Line blog.  (Bernie Madoff's lawyers must be wondering where this guy was during jury selection.)  The blogger claims Social Security doesn't resemble the "deliberate and outright fraud" of a Ponzi scheme but is simply a promise to take taxes from children for the benefit a certain group.  (Whew, thank heaven that's cleared up!) What this already troubling description of Social Security leaves out is that almost every subdivision of the program includes the word "insurance."  When Franklin Roosevelt campaigned for the law, he routinely claimed that Social Security was system of insurance that would...(Read Full Article)