Obama's Unreliable Facts From Reliable Figures

Barack Obama is touting another stimulus dressed up a new "jobs bill."  Beyond the obvious attempt to try and box the Republicans into an untenable political quandary, Obama has hit the road to sell his solution to the economic crisis.  Knowing the attraction of infrastructure spending and construction jobs, Obama is deceptively claiming his bill will create thousands of new jobs.  The reality is that his proposal is yet another bailout to preferred states in order to save public sector union jobs.   An integral part of this campaign is Obama and the Democrats' contention is that the previous stimulus was effective -- had it not been for the misfortune of the Japanese tsunami, the Arab Spring and the Republicans in the House, among other unforeseen circumstances, everything would be just humming along.  Therefore, using this faulty premise, a new round of spending would enable the country to recapture the momentum lost due those factors. Rather than admit the...(Read Full Article)