Obama's None-Too-Divine Comedy

The decision of who will become the next president of the United States will be made long before November of 2012.  After the current president's most recent tour de farce before a joint session of Congress, it is rapidly becoming a foregone conclusion who it's not going to be. The Obama-adoring New York Times concedes that their manufactured politician may be in deep trouble as his own base begins to abandon him.  Independents have already done so.  The right was never on his side.  Even the Washington Post doesn't flinch from using the word "laughingstock" when referring to the petty political antics of Obama.  And then a Catholic Republican wins a pivotal bellwether election against a Jewish Democrat in a liberal, heavily Jewish New York City congressional district, running on the theme of an Obama referendum! One could reasonably conclude that a toxic Obama is now rapidly becoming, if not already is, "unelectable." What?  How could the great and...(Read Full Article)